The body language in Oprah's favorite things show

My sister and I have a ritual every year. We love to watch Oprah's favorite things show.
In her annual Christmas show she gives wonderful and sometimes spectacular gifts to her audience. My sister and I get inspirations for gifts from watching the show, but I think the real reason we watch it is the way we feel when we watch. Within seconds of turning on the show and seeing and hearing all those guests face light up and ooohs and ahhhs and oh my Gods! We feel exuberant and tearful.

How does that happen? It’s a nonverbal phenomenon called emotional contagion. In nature isopraxisism causes us to pull toward energy of those around us. One of the energetic things we can “catch” is people’s emotions. So when you watch the reveal on Trading Spaces or Extreme Make Over and the people’s faces light up and they gasp, you catch their excitement and it sends you and adrenalin rush. I love it. What are your experiences with emotional contagion

My next entry will be about Santa's Body Language. And I may talk about my God child's body language after we go to our Christmas Tea Party today. Let me know what you think of the blog so far and what you would like to read about.