The power of hot pink and Pride and Prejudice


So you know from my profile that I'm an expert in nonverbal communication and now you may be wondering "What's Up" with the hot pink border? My friend Michael set up the blog and picked the bright color out for me. Do you think he chose it because I have 4 hot pink business suits and 12 hot pink shirts that I wear when I give speeches? Or do you think it is the hot pink winter coat I bought last year with a hot pink fake fur collar? Perhaps it's the hot pink suede high heels or the hot pink fedora I wear on grey winter days. I like the color so much this year some friends got me hot pink Christmas ornaments at IKEA for the chartreuse tinsel tree they got me last year! Ok, so now the world knows I am crazy for hot pink. Nonverbally it is a color that energizes you. It gets you excited and the deep shade of magenta on women is an attraction magnet for men.

My friends Elaine and Judith and I went to see the new Pride and Prejudice movie last romantic. The eye contact between the leads should be required “reading” for all students of body language. The eyes are the very first thing we notice about a person of the oppposite sex. Ok, I know what you're thinking..."It couldn't possibly be the eyes". That's what I use to think too, even though the research was in the body language textbook I taught from at Florida State University. So for 4 years, every single semester I did a paper and pencil poll of my college students. Every semester all 100 to 150 students, both male and female, said the first thing they noticed was the eyes. It makes sense as the eyes tell you what action a person will be taking next. Looking at the eyes keeps us safe and makes us feel connected.

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My First Post

Hello everybody! Well, I'm entering the world of blogging with a hot pink template and a lot to share. I hope over time you'll join me by making interesting comments and guiding me through this technical world. I'm looking forward to it. I hope you are too!

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