Would body language training help airport security?

Would studying body language of passengers improve airport security?

Passengers flying aboard El Al, Israel’s airline are interrogated by a trained professional before they are allowed to board the plane the interrogators ask key questions then study the body language of the passages as well as their tone of voice and mood. . This is the same technique I train law enforcement officers to use when interrogating a suspect. Remember when we were asked the old, “Did you pack your bag and have they been with you...” questions? Well if we train airport personal to not merely ask those questions, but watch for specific nonverbal cues or deceit and nervousness as they respond, such as overly long pauses, covering or touching the eyes nose and face or over the top confidence we could increase are security.

Israel’s airline also profile passengers, but this profiling does not merely entail race they watch the body language from the time the passengers leave their cars to the time they enter the plane, pretty intense. But, El Al is among the safest airlines in the world, despite the fact that it is one of the greatest targets for terrorism. El Al receives threats daily, yet it has not had a terrorist incident in more than 30 years, according to David Hermesh, El Al's president.
More on the airport security topic tomorrow. What are you curious about?