Wedding customs:Something old something new

My niece and new nephews wedding was beautiful. Missy had worked so hard to take care of every little detail. Something saved to do at the last minute was getting something old, new borrowed and blue. You have probably heard of the tradition of the bride carrying those things with her on her wedding day, but do you know what they mean? According to the Northhamptinshire city website in England "something old" shows the durability of marriage and the continuity of your old life into the new married one. "Something new" symbolizes the start of building your new life together as a married couple. “Something borrowed" is an important item to choose well as “it should be from a happily married woman whose virtues you most wish for, to assist in ensuring marital bliss.” “Something blue" is used to promise love, fidelity and purity.
Missy had on new jewelry, but the something old, borrowed and blue was her mother’s antiques lace handkerchief. Missy pulled it out a few times during the wedding to dry her happy tears. The last time she pulled it out to hand to the justice of the piece, who started crying and she pronounced Missy and Kevin husband a wife. We all laughed and then the couple turned and walked out quite literally into the sun setting over the bay.
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