Ok, Trivial Pursuit. Who gave Gidget her name and what does it mean?

Who gets touched the most

I told you about the research in Canada in the United States — When asked who got the most strokes (physical touch or signals to show "I know you’re there"), 44% of those surveyed said their pets got the most strokes, 18% said their children got the most strokes, and 18% said family members got equal strokes. I am off to Toronto for the touch campaign...more later!

Touching someone in a photo can make you powerful

I am on a touch campaign in Toronto as Canada's spokesperson for
Vaseline Intensive Lotion
GO to the following blog for a photo of latest TV show about next new singer
Look at how she is touching him.
Touching hands can communicate affection, ownership or in a photo like this, a desire to share the touched person's power. I didn't watch the show this season, but touching powerful people in a photo is a way of associating yourself with their power position. I see this in photos of people being photographed with celebrities or polititians. The regular Joe is the touch aggressor. Just a thought.

Bush body language read in photo with Tina Turner

If you go to
You will see a group photo with famous people including Robert Redford and Tina Turner and
As a body language expert who works with law enforcement and the media I do photo body language reads. Looking at this, I find it interesting that Bush has chosen not to touch Tina Turner or his wife. This communicates his desire to single himself out in this group of illustrious people. The lack of touch, intimate space or leaning towards anyone when placed in the front and center postion says I am seperate and above.

We touch our dogs more than we touch each other

My friend Beth takes care of my dog Bo when I travel. Today, she sent me results from a recent online survey about dogs. It says that, two-thirds of dog owners said they would put in longer hours if they could bring their dog to work.

The poll, conducted by the online dog forum Dogster and the job search engine Simply Hired, revealed that almost a third of those surveyed said they would go so far as taking a 5 percent pay cut if that meant their dog could accompany them to the office.

About 70 percent of the 150 individuals surveyed also considered a dog-friendly office an important job benefit.

I think that dogs make us feel better on so many different levels. I read in my local paper the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the Shelters after Hurricane Katrina were much calmer and well kept if the people in them had their pets with them.

As the National Spokesperson in Canada for Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion we surveyed 1500 Canadians on touch. Guess what? The survey found we touch our pets more than we touch each other. So today think about the positive touch you give and are given.

I am lonely today. I got up and got on my computer like so many people hoping to download emails from friends. Sure enough their were emails from friends meeting me tonight for dinner and comedy improv compitition and other friends that want to meet for dinner and movie tomorrow night and one from a girlfriend friend who just was checking in. But I am still lonely. I am sitting at my computer in my big old four bedroom two story house, all by myself, well there is Bo the wonder dog curled up at my feet. Lovign my dog Bo is wonderful but I am so lonely I am resisting the urge to belt out the old 70’s song ALL BY MYSELF. That’s lonely. I don’t think they we were meant to be so lonely and isolated.
We spend so much time working to get the big old car and house and live in suburbs were we can’t hear our neighbors and have to drive to get anywere…we co-exist rather than live in community. Richard Schwartz, a psychiatrist who co-authored the book, "Overcoming Loneliness in Everyday Life," with his wife, Jacqueline Olds, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School says, "Our notion of success is being able to purchase what you need and not be obligated to anyone,'' I Want to be obligated to people. I have that with my wonderful friends. I want someone to expect things of me. I want someone to expect me to be there when they call, to love hearing their voice, to enjoy seeing their smile, to think that their company is a delight. I want someone to miss me when they have not seen me in a while. I want intimacy.