Bush gestures

Someone for one of my workshops asked me in an email today if I had ever analyzed the gestures that George W. Bush uses when he speaks. "... Particularly, the one where he brings his hands - backs facing outward up to the sides of his chest. It is a gesture that GWB frequently uses but neither of us has ever seen any analysis of this particular gesture. " I will be watching more of the state of union tape tonight for it. I am familiar with the gesture and he is coached to do the gesuture so I will need to see in what context he uses it to see if he is coached to use when he says particular things or just to use it when he is so moved.

I am doing speech coaching with a client all day Thursday so hope to do my blog tonight or early tommrrow morning. I'm off to get some Thai food. Yummm!

Bush, State of the Union & Tongue Thrusts

I taught my Emory "Meeting of the Minds" class last night, so I had a short reprieve from analyzing President Bush’s body language in the State of the Union speech. This morning I turned on the DVR recording (a version of TVO) and started watching him.

Surprise, he is still giving his habitual tongue thrusts. A tongue thrust is when someone sticks his tongue part of the way out of the mouth. Typically this is done very quickly in what is called a micro facial cue. A body language cue done so quickly you only notice it at a subconscious level. So you may feel, “Humm, he seems aggressive, but I don’t know why.”

Bush has a habit of giving slow, definite tongue thrusts after making a comment he is uncomfortable with. I have to be very objective about my reads when I am being interviewed by the media, but hey, this is a blog. I believe he does it to gear himself up and feel more confident. He does not give tongue thrusts when he talks about Iraq or war or attacking. In reading Bush, it is clear to me he is most comfortable when he is aggressive. For a detailed interpretation of the state of the union address two years ago, see go here . I will be watching more of last night's address and blogging about it. Of course, that means I have to watch the speech over and over, so pray for me.