John Edwards Body Language

Overall John Edwards is an animated enthusiastic candidate and this combined with his attractiveness make him on the surface a charismatic and appealing candidate.

Nonverbally he quite literally talks out of the side of his mouth. Specifically he smiles and expresses more on the right side of his mouth. This side of the face is controlled by the more logical rational left hemisphere. This pulled up right side of the face is more permanent than Obamas. It shows Edwards is more comfortable being logical and more comfortable when he goes to planned talking points. Talking out of the side of the mouth is a nonverbal aspect I see in other politicians. When someone when we see the twist on the right side it makes it appear that the person is lying and when we see this as a habitual cue or a permanent facial aspect it appears that the person makes a habit of lying. Of course things like strokes can effect facial expression and may effect vice president Cheneys mouth twist.

John Edward eyes open wide and the eyebrows shoot up and his voice gets more animated when he goes to his planned talking points. He also does this unusual movement, he moves upward when he says his preplanned talking points. Specifically, His shoulders come up, his neck stretches up and his head all go up as he gets to a planned talking point.