John McCain's Body Language

John McCain nonverbals are different from the other candidates in their lack of full body movement, lack of gestures, lack of vocal variation and overall lack of energy. He does of course have health concerns that effect his movement. When speaking in the youtube video the controversial Pig Book his voice has and very little variation in pitch tone or volume, perhaps in an attempt at gravitas.

Of all the videos I watched the only time I noted him speaking emotionally with vocal variation and a with fast and intense pace is when he was defending his statements about the war winding down (not sure of exact words) that the media had called him on. On video John McCain talks about the war.

Off all the candidates McCain blinks the most frequently. Normal blink rate is 20 closures per minute. If someone blinks even slightly more than that, it can be sign he or she is excited or nervous. Watch when he blinks the most to see what he is uncomfortable talking about.