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In the last month I have done a weekly “Will they last?” piece for OK! Magazine, Three Cosomo interviews, As well as interviews for Men’s Health, Esquire, Glamour, AOL, Fox News, ABC news, Womens world, Sugur (UK publication), Life and Style weekly, The Sun (Canadian publication), America’s Best, and many more TV, print and online publications and radio interviews. Do to my busy speaking schedule I have also had to turn down requests for Larry King Live, The Big Idea, Fox News, and Access Hollywood. I look forward to reading the candidates more as the election draws closer.

Times Union Blog...

Take a look at my comments in this article by a fellow blogger:

Body Language Notes to be Featured in Cosmo...

Here are some notes from this months Cosmo interview:

What His Touches Can Tell You

It’s no secret that guys aren’t big on talking. Luckily, their bodies communicate for them—if you know how to read the signs.

The lean-in from the side
You may notice this gesture when you’re sitting next to each other at the dinner table or at a bar. It’s subtle and may seem like an accident (for example, you brush shoulders sharing a menu or your knees bump), but may actually calculated contact to gauge your interest. If a guy is on the shy side, this approach seems like a “safe” way to see how you react–if you’re not into it, he won’t lose face if you recoil.

The playful punch.
This grade school move is what guys revert to when they like you but have no clue how to verbalize it (or they’re too nervous to). Men also relate to one another by rough housing, so your date may be trying to establish a bond. A punch between guys in a nonsexual way to say, “We are buddies” so for men it seems a sage way to say they like you.

The forearm graze.
If a man briefly places his touches you on your forearm as he is talking he may be reaching out to make sure he has your attention. He may be worried you’re losing interest and he’s trying to bring you back into the moment. If he touches you on the forearm while your talking it is more likely a sign of interest in you and what you have to say.

The hand on the back.
A guy who gently places his palm on your lower back (to guide you through a crowd, for example) is on his best behavior. He’s trying to make a good impression and let you know that he’s a gentleman. [Patti – this is from another expert, whom we cite below]

Notice how and where he places his hand. Is he gentle rather than possessivlivly gripping your back ? Where does he place his hand, in the sweet spot in the center of the back or lower. If his hand creeps lower, he may be testing the waters to see how far physically you’ll let him go.

Sources: Patti Wood, body language expert and author of Success Signals; Jan Hargrave, body language consultant and author of Let Me See Your Body Talk

Mens Health - Great Eye Contact Question...

I recently helped to answer a question on Mens Health - Maybe you can benefit from my answer...

Question: I struggle to maintain eye contact. Can you help? Matt, Boston, MA

Answer: First, understand why you're loathe to lock eyes. "When you feel dominated, anxious, or shy, you look away as an attempt to regain control, disengage, and limit how much information you take in," says John Dovidio, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Yale University. So before any important conversation, make a conscious effort to rein in your addled emotions. If you're still struggling with eye contact, take the advice of body-language expert Patti Wood, M.A., and "split your attention among the person's mouth, eyes, and cheeks." This makes wandering eyes less obvious. And don't stop trying: University of Colorado researchers found that meeting a person's gaze makes you seem powerful and credible.

Fox News Network's O'Reilly Factor

The ApprenticeTune in to the Fox News Network's O'Reilly Factor:
America's Election IQ @
9/17/08 @ 5 - 6 PM EST

Body language expert, Patti Wood has been asked to join the set of FNN's O'Reilly Factor at 5:45 PM EST! Be sure to tune in and hear Patti's amazing nonverbal insights on Palin's body language!

Check Patti's Website for more about Patti.

Here is a preview of her commentary on Palin's body language:
She is actively moving and manipulating space makes her looks powerful and action oriented. Gestures automatically act like an orchestra leader’s baton to animate the voice
Emphasizes her points making them more memorable to us.

Tune in tonight for more!

Jessica Simpson Tongue Body Language for

Playfully showing your tongue is often about seduction. In Jessica’s case her tongue is unusually long and she knows it.

She shows it off as she shows off her other assets with the goal of being noticed. The various ways she shows her tongue full out to the front, to the side or just showing the tip all work to say nonverbally, “I am the sexiest women you have ever seen.”

Mortgage Banker's Association

I recently spoke to the wonderful people of the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Here is a picture from the day...

Palin and Gibson Interview

I am sitting at the Delta Crown room of the San Diego Airport doing a body language analysis of the Sara Palin interview by Charles Gibson. Oh my goodness. She is SO out of her league. One of the most striking cues is her modified turtle posture, her posture that was so up and proud during her Republican Convention Speeches is now hunched down an her head is protected by her shoulders! She goes forward rather than up - this shows her fear. This is a dramatic shift in our previous images of her. She did had strength in her speeches using her - "We are mad as hell" voice. Here she is talking to the utterly calm and subdued Gibson then her sudden angry, louder than necessary voice as she talks about terrorism makes her sound like she is ready to attack the middle east tomorrow and she will be flying the bomber. You know I rarely editorialize in my body language reads, but this is unbelievable. When questioned about whether she believed the Bush doctrine she paused and tried to use one of her prepared answers but then he kept after her and finally had to define the Bush doctrine on terrorism. She did a side of the mouth tongue thrust at him. Yes she stuck her tongue out. It is obvious that Gibson can't believe she does not know the answers to his questions his voice even begins to portray his irritation. Notice how she shows her nervousness as she begins to answer the tough questions, by kicking her foot. She needs to plant both feet on the ground. Some of you know that I recommend that as it allows the hemispheres of your brain to sync and give you higher levels of cognition. She needs the help.

McCain New York Times Deception

Today I was on CNN Headline news and Fox news talking about Senator McCain’s Body Language as he responded to the New York Times story of his alleged affair with a lobbyist. The big question did him have and affair and did that because him have any improprieties with public policy. Bottom line is this statement did not indicate that he did. Unlike the Roger Clemmons Testimony I analyzed last week were Roger in which Roger was angry and upset and had multiple deception cues like Drawbridge tongue and lip erasures McCain was even and calm in his responses. Not to calm and restrained not angry…extremes on either emotional end would have made me suspicious as when someone is lying their behavior tends to go to the extreme of their normal demeanor.

While McCain did not show clear deception cues he did have a few telling and rather interesting nervousness cues. First in his statement. “At no time have I ever done anything to betray the public trust … or make any decisions ... anything ... public.
He vocally punched up the words ever, anything, public, decisions and the final public.
He also pushed his head forward as he said most of those words. The most punched was the word public on public trust. Politicians and liars choose their words carefully. He didn’t make any DECISIONS... to Betray PUBLIC trust. This still leaves him an opening to have had actions that betrayed a private trust.

Next discussing the New York Times article, McCain said “…I am very disappointed in the New York Times article It’s not true. He used the contraction It’s rather than it is not true. Lies tend to want to emphasize the no or that not in this statement he used that contraction of a truth teller. In the next question did his staff talk to him about appearing to be to close to a lobbyist he said nodded his head no first then said no showing his feelings before saying his feeling an indication of honesty. Asked, “No meeting ( with staffers about it) ever occurred he again shook no then said no and as he did he showed his one small tell of anger shut his mouth tightly to hold in his mad face and then his cheeks puffed up with all the surprised anger.
Did you ever have such a relationship (romantic) he shuts his eyes says no shuts his eyes again them grimaces. Showing his displeasure with being asked the question but no clear indications of deceit. Concerning a relationship. When asked, “Do you feel that in?
Terms of your relationship you were closer with her than others? He responded by shaking his and simultaneously saying not and his voice got softer on the no, showing their may be a question in his mind about what Closer Relationship with other might mean. Think of the significance of Clinton’s word choice I did not have sexual relations with that women. But even these cues did not show clear deceit.

As he talked about the letters he wrote to the FCC his voice and body language were calm, again no restrained or overly tense as he said he explained why he did nothing inappropriate. He certainly was telling the truth about that.