Is A Rod lying a body language read

I am about to do a radio interview for ESPN radio NYC about A Rods Kati Corac interview with A Rod. There are several body langauge indications that he is may be lieing as he resonds to Katies questions about Steriod use here is the link to the You Tube Video.

Some of his tells are obvious. He starts the interview with his body tense and making direct and tense focased eye contact and even tension around his closed lips. He is wired and focused for the interview. Eyeblinks are natural we normally blink at about 20 blinks per minute. When we are excited the brain released dopamine and that makes us blink faster so are blinks naturally rise with anicious or tense topics. Even being on TV can increase our blink rate. In deception detection the timing is the tell. When someone does a body language cue continuously are over and over again through an interview it may be a hbit or over all nervousness about the interview. Here is the tell A Rod doesn't blink fast through the entire interview wich indicates nervious about the overall interview. A Rod holds his eyes still untill Katie says the word steriod and on that word he BLINKs and then a moment later as he says hormone use he BLINKs. Then as he says the word NO his mouth twitches