More on A-rods body language of lying in Katie interview

I did my interview on ESPN radio and discussed A-ROds over all body language durring the interview was much more tense than he is normally. I say that, having gone back to watch his body langauge and paralanguage in other iverviews were he had not reason to be tense so that I could get his baseline for his normal behavior. His legs were held back under his chair rather than out as one would be if they were clearly inocent and not afraid on the interview. He was clasping his hands together tighly, sybollically holding his own hands. He even rubbed them occaiosnly. He was starring intently forward with a lot of tention held in his face especially around his mouth, I call the mouth thewindow of the truth. His stare I bleive was his attempt to look fpowerful and in contral. Extaverts tend to over extrovert when they are lying. When Katie was asking the first qutesion about steroids his starring eye behavior gave a tell as she said the word steroids he did an eyeblock eye close and then when back to straring and then as she said the words human growth hormone he did a eyeblock eye close. As katie finshed asking him if he did steriods he said with his words no but as he did he pursed his lips like he was eating a lemon and the left side of his mouth twisted up. The left side of the body is controlled by the right hemisphere more sceifically your more primal brain that is not under your consious control so it leaks out the truth and may look oddly off balance if you are controllig the right side of your face. He had this same resonse to her secound wording of the same quesion with an additional tell. Just before he responded his head came back to pull away f rom the quesion.