What do your sunglasses say about your personality?

In the last five years I have been doing research on body language and personality type including research as a national spokesperson for several products. I studied touch and personality for Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, chewing and personality for Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum and smiling and personality for the Natural Dentist line of products. A writer for iVillage.com asked me to share my analysis of sunglass choice and DISC personality. Here is what your sunglass choice says about you followed by more information about that DISC personality type.

What Your Sunglasses Say about You
DISC personality
By Patti Wood MA, CSP, Body Language Expert and Professional Speaker
The Amiable or Get Along. This personality type is most likely to wear modest sunglasses. They don’t mind being a little trendy, but only if the trend has been around a very long time. (Yes, in other words, so that it is almost out of style and everybody has a pair.) They want to wear the sunglasses that everybody is wearing once everybody has them.
This type of person wants to be your friend. They respond to heavy use of the word "you" and the promise of an ongoing relationship. They like warmhearted friendly conversations and a relaxed pace. Ask about their weekend and their kids before you ask for work from them. In fact, you should build relationship credits with them every week so when you really need them you have relationship credits to draw on when you are in dire straits. Also know a warm hello and a sincere thank you are as necessary as food and water to the Amiable. Amiable think carefully before taking any action and they don’t like change so you really need to talk them through any new projects or changes in old routines to get them to buy in and follow through otherwise they will keep doing it the old way or what they may consider the way that has “always worked before.” They need to feel a sense of security before moving forward. The best way to get work from an Amiable is to become their friend. Make your body language warm, smile, and make your voice soft and relaxed.
The Expressive or Get Appreciated. Their goals include accentuating their personality. They will wear the "old is new again" bug eye glasses that Paris Hilton wears now and Elvis and Jackie Onassis wore. Expressives want their sunglasses to say that they are big, bold and outrageous. They are the most likely to choose sunglasses with brightly colored frames, are unusual with rhinestones and glitter and other assorted bling. They are also the most likely to have multiple pairs of sunglasses, a veritable sunglass wardrobe so they can dress for their mood and the occasion.
This type of person wants to be challenged; they enjoy learning about new, exciting things. So if you present them with a new project they may jump on it just because it is new. But because they love new stuff they are easily bored and may not follow through on work that requires details or lots of small print forms and multiple steps. If you need that kind of detailed work from them, you may have to check back with them or provide some sort of social interaction or pat-on-the-back feedback when they do. For example, when they turn in their monthly time sheets or travel vouchers on Fridays let them know that they will get to sit and have coffee with you. Or instead of emailing in work have them present it at the weekly meeting! Or whenever they email those kinds of detailed projects to you, you send them a cartoon or funny photo or a personal email. They burn hot and cold, so keep your face to face or over the phone delivery lively. They like bold statements, new directions, initiatives, bright ideas and enjoy a good sense of humor. Expressive types like to lead and influence others so if you give them tasks where they can get other people on board you will have a highly motivated worker. And if they are hip to your project they will be your rah rah cheerleader and supporter. They like to be noticed and appreciated--that is like food and water for them and feeds them deeply.

So now you know how to present your ideas, projects, and tasks to others. You can get more accomplished with a lot less stress. Make your body language energetic and open and your voice up beat and fast paced.

The Analytical or get it right. This type is smart, careful, and accurate. They want their sunglasses to work correctly and not be noticeable or wild. They are the most likely personality type to wear changeable glasses that darken automatically into sunglasses when worn in the sun. They love the practical sunglass clips that clip onto regular glasses and if they spend the money on prescription sunglasses they are the most likely to get Bi-focals - These sunglasses are meant to provide prescription magnifying assistance for those requiring a little extra help while reading. Since this type of person is the one that reads the fine print and the instructions, they want to make sure to have the correct prescription. They are practical about their sunglass purchase and will keep them for a long time. They have trouble making decisions about purchasing their sunglasses because they have so many details to consider. They welcome documentation, lengthy testimonial and statistical evidence that prove that the ones they are buying have the highest UVA protection. They will have a case for their sunglasses.
When you are talking to a Get it Right, you can explain until you are blue in the face, and they will still ask for more. They have great insights and opinions and don’t always get a chance to express them out loud so ask for them before you tell them “Do it this way,” and you will get more buy in. Whether you give them a task face to face or through email they will email you back with problems, mistakes, and why it won’t work. Be prepared and if possible make sure you deal with their criticisms face to face or your project will drag out and weigh you down with back and forth conversations and emails. Even when you think the “deal is done” they will want to come back with one more fix. Analyzers are cautious because they want to make sure it is done the right way and produces the perfect result. They typically think if you just give them more time or let them do it their way they can make it perfect. To avoid delays you may even give a deadline for criticism and say, “Get back to me by this date with problems and after that no matter what we will go forward. To make sure they are receptive, don’t interrupt them, they like their solitude and prefer to know you will be coming to talk to them rather than having you just drop by. Make your body language appropriate and reserved and your voice slow and low volume and allow long silent pauses for them to think before they speak.
The Bottom-liner or Get it Done. This personality will spend the most money on a single pair of couture sunglasses. They prefer top names like Gucci and they love to have the designer name on the glasses. If they have more than one very nice pair of sunglasses, the other pair or pairs will be needed for special activity. They will have mirrored or aviators for snow skiing. High impact for sports and a bike helmet with special UVR protection for motorcycling or racing. They will always purchase the top luxury brand. They may skimp on other things but not on something that others will see them in every day. If there is a Mercedes of eyeglass wear the Get it dones will have them. They rationalize that if you buy the best you will have them for years.
They will also want it. This type of person values brevity and makes quick decisions. They want you to tell them short and sweet what you do and what you want them to do. They like summaries and they want to be told their task. Forget the boring details, and for goodness sake don’t repeat yourself. Make your email requests to them in bullet points. They can juggle multiple tasks but like the feeling of getting a task done. You may want to break long term, detailed projects down into mini projects for them. They like to get things done and then move on. So don’t be wishy washy and give them something to do then change your mind about it. They fear a lack of control so they need to know they are in charge of their part of the project. They gain energy from being in charge and meeting challenges. Be forceful and commanding, know what you want say and stick to it. Make your body language confident and your eye contact direct and your voice strong and fast paced.

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