Governer Sanford's Body Language Durring His New's Conferance Apology for affair

I was asked by a reporter from the Associated Press to read Governor Sanford's body language. He showed lip suppression and tongue thrusts as he talked about his wife standing by him and then later exhibited the following behavior:

I have been unfaithful to my wife. I developed a relationship um with a …um (pressed pulled back lips with frown and upward furrowed brow and eye block) what started out as (head pulled away) as a dear friend from Argentina (head bowed not just down but back) and ummmm it began very (lip pulled back) innocently (showing no it was not innocent) … developed in too much much more.

This body language indicated he was attracted to her from the beginning and especially his paralanguage delivery as he said, "developed into much much more" that he feels deeply for her and continues to feel connected to her. Also his diversion statement, "she is there and I am here," indicated he would like to be with her. When asked, "Did you break off the relationship," he replied, "Obviously not." And he vocally emphasized the not. Sticking the word hard showing he feels strongly about her and has a relationship with her.

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