How the internet changes the way we act in relationships

Last night my discussion group was talking again about relationships online and today I was reading a blog about how relationships have changed due to the Internet. The best quote from the blog: “Essentially, the Internet had flipped the world’s social dynamic on it’s head. It turned a world of Don’t Talk To Strangers into a world of Talk to Strangers. I proposed that more relationships were formed online in the digital space between total strangers than were being formed in the physical space. The days of going over to meet the neighbors with apple pie had been replaced with a few key strokes and a screen name. It’s the brave new world of extremely superficial, and often times dangerous relationships. These are the stories that you catch on the news. I also presented this concept to a group of leading physicians so that they would incorporate this idea into their presentations on risky behavior. You see, this is the first generation to be able to operate in this hyper-velocity, non-physical state reality of new relationships.” Yep, it is risky.

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