Body Language for Happiness,

How to use your body language to feel positive happy and optimistic. Bring your body language UP to think optimistically.

People are often told to think positive, but many people don’t know how important it is to act positive in order to feel positive. Many people don’t know that how you hold your body sends a message to your brain and your brain reads it like a prescription and creates the chemicals that match the position. So you can act like you want to feel. Positive body language is UP. So the body is held up--the head, the shoulders, the chest are all up; your toes may go up or your feet make kick up if you’re sitting or you may bring your whole body up by rocking onto your toes as you stand. Your gestures move up when you are speaking optimistically, the corners of your mouth go up into a smile. Even your head goes back and up when you laugh and your voice goes up as you speak. It is an amazing phenomenon. I was on the Regis and Kelly show this week and watched the video yesterday and noticed how often my gestures and head went up because I was so happy and having such a good time. Click Here to see the Youtube video.

Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional
The Body Language Expert
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