Obama's gray hair

I just read in the New York Times that they wonder why Obama's hair has turned gray. They wonder, "Is he under too much stress?" Perhaps he is staying up at night worried about our economy. Keeping the doors of the white house open to let in the homeless and offer them cookies. No, stress is not the reason his hair is gray. I think he stopped dying it. I am a body language expert and I just started dying my two or three white hairs blond.
Stress should not make Obama’s hair turn gray. Hair turns gray because the pigment cells in the shaft of the hair stop making pigment.
There is a theory that the shortened stages of hair growth as we age lead to less pigment i.e. gray hair or alternatively, little to no pigment at all--white hair. Another factor in graying hair is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural oxidant; we produce an enzyme called catalase that breaks down hydrogen peroxide turning it into water and oxygen. As we age the catalase function decreases, but the levels of hydrogen peroxide increase. High levels of hydrogen peroxide block the production of pigment, leading to gray hair. There are very few people who we like and respect more with gray hair. The President of the United States is one of them. Peter Frampton, David Cassidy, The Beach Boys and Paul McCartney, not so much.
I think Obama dyed his hair during the political race and now he wants the world to know he is wise so he has stopped coloring it. Paul McCartney is coming for a concert in Atlanta next week in Piedmont park. I plan on getting close enough to notice his natural hair color. I bet he knows we want him young and hip.