Should You Spank Your Children?

Should you spank your kids? There is an interesting article on MSNBC ( with a photo of Kate of John and Kate Plus Eight spanking her child. I know that the limbic brain, which fires us up for flight or flight is engaged quickly while the higher cognitive brain takes longer. This explains why parents go to a physical response before a logical, cognitive response to bad behavior and why it works. Kids who are engaged in a "bad" or "dangerous"physical activity may not be able to get a logical verbal request, "Stop that!" or "Stop that our you will get a spanking." The spanking shocks the child. It is disturbing that the parent's hand that shows love and connection and the palm of the hand that non verbally communicates honesty may be used as a punishment. You hope your children always associate touch with love. My best friend never spanked her child unless her daughter was about to, or was doing something that physically endangered her such as crossing the street without looking. And she raised a wonderful loving daughter. I am not sure spanking is a good method for all children or that all parents can control their anger enough to make sure it is not their first means of punishment or that it is not given without a warning. My parents where of the 'spank now, admonish later' variety. I certainly never cross the street without looking as an adult, but my other punished behavior of talking back or "smart mouthing" has managed to survive in what my friends and clients think is wit. Thank goodness my father had and my mother has a great sense of humor! What do you think?