Solutions for Dry Mouth

Recommendation for dry mouth for speakers. How do you cure or try solutions for day mouth? Students in my Public Speaking workshop often ask me what do I do about a dry mouth? Here are my recommended solutions for dry mouth.

The Spray for Sore Throat called Singers Throat. Moisture throat spray, sucking on sugar free cough drops before speaking, reducing or eliminating caffienated beverages and foods as well as salty that can which can constrict blood vessels, drinking a heck of lot more room temperature water. Because dry mouth is often caused by anxiety an anti anxiety medication may help and because it can be related to hormone depletion prescription hormones may help. The way you breath when you sleep can cause dry mouth so you may want to check with a sleep doctor. Dentists may also be able to recommend a mouth rinse or prescription.

Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional
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