What Your Sleep Position Says About You

Sleep On It: What Your Sleep Positions Say About You
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Nonverbal communication is more honest because it is under less conscious control, so what could be more revealing than the positions you assume in your sleep. The secret messages of your sleeping positions can reveal your true waking personality style. Here are the most popular sleep positions and what the research says it means.

The Spaghetti Noodle (lying on your side, stretched out)
According to British researcher Professor Chris Idzikowski (2003) fifteen percent of people sleep in this position. This is not the curled up or stiff limbed posture with arms at your sides, but rather one that is relaxed and stretched out. These people are calm, peaceful and steady. They are easy going and do what is expected of them. They want to be liked and part of the group. They are not driven or aggressive. Some research says people who sleep on their side with their right arm stretched over their head are said to be blessed with power and fortune.

The Fetal Position
Approximately 51 percent of women and 41 percent of all 1000 people surveyed sleep curled up on one si The Full- Fetal Position- The full-fetal is the characteristic womb position. Sleepers lie curled on their sides, with knees pulled all the way up, heads bent forward. Usually a pillow or blanket mass is centered at the stomach. These people are highly emotional, sensitive, artistic, and have intense one-on-one relationships. Oddly, it's found that women who sleep in this position normally have heightened capacity for multiple orgasms. de.
The symbolism is that of a baby in the womb. People who sleep in this position would have the innocence and unaffected personality of a child. If they are hugging a pillow they need a lot of love and support. They are sensitive and trusting. They tend to see the world as full of goodness as if they are wearing rose-colored glasses. They are friendly and social. They give support. They are the ones who bring the birthday card for everyone at the office to sign; a sense of community is important to them. They long for what they had in the womb: security, warmth and intimacy. They give joy to others. If the position is tightly curled up, it may show a slight degree of insecurity. A sudden change to this position could show stress and a need to return to the womb.

Semi Fetal- The most common position, the semi-fetal, has sleepers lying on their sides with knees slightly bent, one arm outstretched above the head, the other resting comfortably on the opposing upper arm to cradle the head. Conciliatory, compromising, non-threatening, non-shakers; sleep experts claim this to be the optimal sleep posture position.

The Yearner (side sleeper and reacher)
The same research shows this position is used by 13 percent of sleepers. People who sleep on their side with both arms out in front are said to have an open nature but can be suspicious and cynical. They are slow to make up their minds, but once they have made a decision, they are unlikely to ever change it.

The Crab (lying face down)
The sleeper is face down on the stomach with arms extended and bent, usually framed above the head this position has quite different meanings. I feel when a sleeper suddenly takes on this position it shows they are afraid of something. They may not want to face something or they are dealing with intense stress. Research says that sleepers who regularly sleep in the prone position tend to have strong compulsive tendencies and stubbornness in their personalities and are persistent and goal-oriented. The symbolism is of someone who refuses to see others’ viewpoints. They are serious and stubborn. They hold strong beliefs and try to have everything done their way and will use force to gain compliance. They are tense and focused in order to get things done. They do not give ground easily. If their hands are in fists, they could be showing hidden aggression. They are “my way or the highway” people.

The Soldier (on back and face up, arms at the side)
According to American researchers, 43 percent of the population sleep in this position. The nonverbal symbolism indicates that of someone facing life; you are secure and self assured. Professor Idzikowski’s British research says that only eight percent of the population use this position. I guess there are a lot more soldiers in the USA. The soldier position is held by lying on your back with both arms pinned to your sides. Professor Idzikowski says that people who sleep in this position are generally quiet and reserved. They don’t like a fuss, but set high standards for themselves others.

The Royal Position is the geometric opposite of the prone. The royal sleeper lies supine, fully on the back, with arms slightly akimbo at the sides. It's an open, vulnerable and expansive position, and these people display self-confidence and self-involvement. Workaholic businessmen and entrepreneurs often prefer this position.

The Star (on back, face up with the legs open and arms spread wide)
You are a star and freedom loving. You are comfortable taking over the space. This is the sleep position of an extremely confident person. You are not only assured, you are open to the world. You’re ready to hug the world. Sleeping in this position shows you have a sense of well-being. You’re confident and optimistic and not particular keen on planning or scheming, but you can be surprised by scheming of others.

Starfish (on back with both arms up around the pillow)
British research says that these sleepers make up five percent of the population, make good friends because they are always ready to listen to them, and offer help when needed. They generally do not like to be the center of attention. I disagree and give a specific assessment based on the position of the hands on top and I call it The Crown.

The Crown (hands are on top of the head or arms are crossed to support the head)
They are putting a crown on their heads because they think they are kings. They listen so they can be the wise sage and then tell people what to do. They think they are supportive and merely giving helpful advice. The crowned sleeper is highly intelligent and enthusiastic but some of their ideas are only good to them.

The Twister (tied up in knots)
People who sleep all tied up in knots (twisted) or with limbs flung out all over the bed are experiencing stress. They are under constant pressure. It is difficult to always feel that life is a struggle and these people often feel that they are falling short. The tension will eventually wear them down, hopefully leading to a new approach to life that is less stressful.

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