First Impressions and Chance Encounters

First Impressions. Last week I got into a deep stuff discussion with a group of people. We talked about fate and premonitions. I have often wondered if premonitions and first impressions are oddly related. You know, hebejeebie, new age, I met you in a past life, let's burn some incense odd.
Years ago, a few days before Valentine’s day. I had a strange premonition. I was in a huge bright white room with really high ceilings and there was a very shy sweet man standing in front of me. I could tell by his body language that he was really nervous and then he asked me out and I said, “Yes, I would love to.” This was odd in so many ways, not the least of which was that I hadn’t dated in five years and couldn't image standing in some weird white room with a stranger and saying I would go out with him.

A few days later on Valentine’s Day I was stuck in Snow storm in a very crowded Chicago Airport. I had been standing in the security line quite awhile when I realized I didn’t have a plastic bag for my makeup so I had to get out of line. I got back in line and opened my water bottle, the water was carbonated and had gotten quite a bit of shaking in my briefcase so the water spouted up and all over me. I started laughing and the gentleman in line behind me smiled. I thought what a sweet man, and we struck up a conversation. We talked a bit and said goodbye after we went through the check point. Later I got in line to get in an airport restaurant and something just told me that I didn’t want to get in line yet so I went to a bookstore. I got back in line and had my eye on a quite table that was about to come open but the two guys behind me asked me if I wanted the seat at the bar that was open. I hate sitting at the bar of a restaurant, but something told me I should take it so I said I will take it and when I sat down I discovered the guy from the security line was sitting right next to me. We ended up talking for 2 and half hours about; Music, TV shows from the seventies, relationships and loving our work. As we shared and laughed together we marveled at how many things we had in common. We bonded. We were about to say goodbye and get on our delayed flights when we noticed we were about to get on the same plane. When I got off the plane in Atlanta the guy walked with me to baggage claim and we kept talking and laughing. We got to baggage claim and I looked at him and noticed that he was shy and nervous all of a sudden. I looked up and realized I was in a huge bright white room with high ceilings and that they sweet guy was about to ask me out. He asked me out I said, “Yes, I would love to.” And we became sweeties.

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