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One of the biggest mistakes you can make in preparing for a job interview is not having someone objectively assess you body language and vocal behavior. We are often unaware how the our most mundane behaviors affect the way others view us. We can go into a job interview oblivious to our blind spots. No one will tell you unless you ask.

There is a makeover TV show called What Not to Wear. On the show, friends and family members appalled at how someone they know dresses, request the person get a makeover. I find the show entertaining on many levels. Why is the bad dresser always so surprised he or she was chosen for the show?
• The friends and family never told them
• Or, they didn’t believe what they were told
• Or, they do not know what good dressing look likes.
Think about it. Most of the people at work are strangely uncomfortable telling you what’s wrong with you or have trouble telling why they think certain things about you. As you prepare for a job interview you need to know. On the TV show, the fashion consultants put the guest in a four-way mirror booth so they can see themselves from all sides. That alone is painful for the guest. Then they come in and start coaching. They are brutally honest. They say things like, “You look horrible in that.” “That color is awful with your hair color.” “These shoes went out in the 80’s when they were never in.” Then they give coaching on good dressing and even have mannequins dressed appropriately. Finally, they have the person go and shop for the clothes and wear them. The guest is always surprised to find they didn't look as good as they thought and happy to learn how they can make changes to look and feel fantastic.
You may not be a bad dresser or have poor body language, but you might want to improve some aspect of your behavior for a job interview. There may be things you don’t know about yourself. If you want to improve you need to get into a four-way mirror on your behavior, be brutally honest with yourself, find models of the best nonverbal behaviors and see in ways in which you may wish to grow. Then get someone objectives opinion. You may think you know how you come across to others, but you may not really be aware of little body language quirks and vocal habits that could turn an interview off. You may think your best attribute is confidence but you need to get a objective viewpoint to make sure you don't actually appear conceited to interviewer They may think they sound smart when their answers sound condescending and they jut their chin out defiantly. A person can think they are warm and friendly and they but someone meeting them in an interview for the first time may wonder why they don't take a breath and let them talk.
Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional Panel guest on Fox Five News Job Search.
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