Make up Favorites

I have been doing programs with Carrer Coach Gail Geary on How to Always Look Young for Job Interview. Many of the women in the workshops have been asking me for my personal make up regime. Here are my make up recommendations.
Make up for Woman.
Make sure you do wear make-up, but use keep it light. Some people are surprised that by aplying a moisturizer and primer first they need very little base and they end up looking more natural rather than "made up."

• Every day when I wake up in the morning let out my dog out and then wash my face and put on "Aveeno Positively Ageless Moisturizer with SPF 30. It is inexpensive and comes in a pump bottel so I can put it on quickly. I love a beauty regime that is quick and possible to do while I am talking on the cell phone or eating breakfast.
Before I put on my make up I rinse my face and but on Aveeno then I put on my fav make up secret. You must have it it is called Smash box Photo Finish Primer. It is amazing. It makes your make up go on smoothly and really helps your skin look fresh and yet it helps the makeup last all day. And I mean 6:00 in the morning till midnight all day.
• For my base make up, I love Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. That’s what I wear every day unless I am speaking.
• I have tried every under eye concealer on the planet. I have a under eye concealer family in the bottom drawer of my vanity. I have spent a fortune trying to get rid of the dark circles. The only one that works all day I found out about when I was preparring for my first TV show on PBS. It is called Lancôme Effacernes waterproof under eye concealer.
• Three of the top makeup artists that I work with on video and photo shoots use my fav eye shadow. It is Lancôme color design. It last all day. You don't even need to take the time to use eye shadow primer.
• If you wear eye shadow, take your finger and lay it on the outside of eye and sweep any shadow up and out from your eye. Always remember UP!
• If you wear eyeliner make sure it goes UP slightly and the corner of your eye.
• Don’t wear eyeliner on your bottom lid and don’t use mascara there it pulls the eye down and makes it look tired and older.
• I love Lancôme’s mascara. It makes your lashed look huge, but you have to use powder under your eyes, as good mascaras tend to smear throughout the day.
• When you put on blush make sure to use it sparingly and make it go UP around your eyes never down.
• If I use powder blush I use my big brush and use one stroke on each cheek. If it lasts on you, I suggest a cream blush, as the new makeup style is dewy not dry and powdered. Be very careful of lipstick. I draw around the edge with a very soft Estee Lauder lipstick pencil. My favorite is Rose. I draw it on then press my lips together and blend very well so it covers my entire lip and then I put on a light clear pink gloss. If I need all day coverage for my lipstick, I use Max Factor Color Stay in a rose shade and put gloss on throughout the day.

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