Do men really have it bad?

"Women have it so good, men work hard and women outlive them.
One of the topics my Thursday night Meeting of the minds discussion group continues to return to is the discussion by some men in the group that women have all the advantages in life and men have all the disadvantages. I recently read a study showing at least one piece of research to prove that men have it bad story is more myth than fact. You may have heard that men die before women, but findings in the the Journal of Women's Health, reflect a change from previous decades medical records that when older men were at greater risk for heart disease. Instead this research shows over the last 10 years, older women are doing worse, while men are doing better.

Women's risk for heart disease is still lower than men's through middle age. But the break-even point at which women catch up to men is now at age 60, 10 years earlier than before.