How to Transcend the ‘Economy’ by Creating Your OWN Shatter-The-Myth Marketing

I have a huge recommendation for you...

I wanted to be sure to share with you an amazing entrepreneur and master coach – Heather Dominick – that has developed a radically effective process. It’s a step-by-step approach that’s propelling business owners to exceptional selling success.

At one point Heather was struggling with how to move prospects into profitable clients. Then from her own mistakes and pain she found how to combine her energy with practicality and her conversations went through the roof.

Now she teaches others this effective method so you enjoy every single time you connect with a prospect and easily move them into high-paying clients – no matter what (including the economy or any other sabotaging story).

I know you’ve heard the saying “teach a man to fish”. Heather’s approach is to teach you AND to GIVE you the fish.

In fact, I recently had the chance to hear one of Heather’s teleclasses and the material she covers in this class seemed like such a fit for you, my own clients, the she has agreed to do another teleconference call on the subject – just for you. The timing is perfect. And it’s FREE!

So click this link and sign-up for the free teleseminar she’ll be doing on this subject on Thursday, April 16th. It’s that easy.

Register for this call and tune in to what Heather has to say... I know you’ll agree her message is significant – especially now.

Your registration simply allows her to set up the right number of phone lines for the call so that all who are interested are actually able to get in. Thanks!