Series: Famous statements about lies #5

"Fear is not in the habit of speaking truth. When perfect sincerity is expected, perfect freedom must be allowed; nor has anyone who is apt to be angry when he hears the truth, any cause to wonder that he does not hear it."

- Tacitus

For a speaker and coach on body language and deception detection go to and book Patti or buy her book Success Signals.

Are they lying? IT consultants

If you are looking for a statement from IT Consultants to decipher if they are lying or telling the truth note the body language as they share any of the 10 most frequent lies told by IT consultants as found at

1. This can only be accomplished through a large custom development project.”
2.“Of course your data is safe.”
3.“We’ll need a day or two for optimization and debugging.”
4.“Yes, we’ve done this before. There are several companies using this product (or technology). They really like it.”
5.“Server consolidation and virtualization will save you money.”
6.“Storage consolidation and virtualization will save you money.”
7.“The upgrade (or change) will be seamless and will not affect production.”
8.“The upgrade (or change) will be transparent to users.”
9.“Yes, we tested this thoroughly before installing it.”
10.“If you install Tivoli it will solve all your support."

I teach communication tools to IT people and find them to be very honest. Perhaps the problems come if they become consultants? (smile)

Swine flu on college campuses--will students stop touching?

I was reading on the Higher Education Blog about students and swine flu on college campuses. They want to test all the students and get the ones found with the infection off the campus. How scary!