Regis and Kelly photos

Here are some photos from yesterday's Regis and Kelly show. The hosts interviewed me on the meaning of couples' sleep positions as part of the show's "Sleep Week". And here is the link to Regis and Kelly's Facebook page.

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Regis and Kelly appearance Body Language expert Patti Wood

I was in bed with Regis and Kelly! As many of you may know, I appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly TV show yesterday to speak about couples' sleep positions. I had so much fun. You can watch the segment on my YouTube channel. Check it out! I also have blog entries here with details and descriptions of the couples sleep positions and individuals sleep positions and what they mean. I had so much fun. I have watched the show for over 20 years. Watching the show the last few years I have really admired Kelly Rippas's quick one liners. She really has great body language and vocal delivery. She also has an amazing sense of comic timing. In person, off camera, Kelly is as real, down to earth and clever as she appears on camera. Reading her body language it is obvious she truly loves her children. We talked off camera about how her children are all pile in the bed with her and her husband at night. She came back to the green room with her son to introduce herself to me before the show and she was so sweet as she interacted with here son. Regis is the warmest kindest person and he has such charisma. He keeps absolute focused eye contact with you. He was amazing. Focused eye contact is one of the body language traits I have noticed in truly charismatic people. Clinton has that ability to make you seem like the only person in the room. I had a lot of time with Regis and Kelly on the set and they where so present and in the moment with me off camera as well as on. I have done hundreds of TV shows and that is really unusual. Here they are big stars and they were so nice to this little blond who was on the show for a couple of minutes. I am sure that is one of the reasons the show is such a success. One of the great little things that you can see on the YouTubevideo is me in bed with Regis and Kelly. He held out his hand and had me get down on the bed with them durring the segment and then after the last segment made sure I got to stay in the shot and be in the end of the show credits. That was so kind. He said he hadn't had the chance to say goodbye to me on air and he wanted to make sure that he could credit me again.
The segment was on different shows like "The Soup" and mentioned on quite a few websites like the one below.