Lowering Blood Sugar Levels May Help Your Memory

Do you ever have a senior moment? Do you walk from one room to another to get something and then forget what you where going after? A recent article in the April,May,June Scientific American Mind discussed that a link between aging and a decrease in the ability to metabolize blood sugar has been found to be a contributing factor to memory loss. According to a study by author Scott Small who is a Neurologist at Colombia University."Elevated blood sugar effect the "hot spot" in the hypothalamus for age-related impairment." and "...exercise improves the the function of that "hot spot" he suggests that is because exercise improves our bodies ability to, "...break down glucose." Some suggest that exercise may help are brains process glucose and decreaser our memory loss. I walk for 45 minutes everyday and I still forget were I put my cell phone. Maybe I need to walk a few more hours.

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