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Actions speak louder than words, Rozlyn! Disgraced 'Bachelor' contestant Rozlyn Papa, who was booted from the show mid-season for having an inappropriate relationship with a producer, still has something to hide, according to our body language experts. When host Chris Harrison confronted her on the 'Bachelor: Women Tell All' special on Monday night, Roz was not being entirely truthful.

Our experts say declaratory statements often indicate deception, so Rozlyn probably wasn't telling the whole truth when she declared, "On my child's life, that never happened!"

The tone of her voice was also a giveaway that the blonde beauty wasn't being entirely honest.

"When denying the accusations, the pitch of her voice was considerably higher, this is indicative of stress," explains body language expert Vincent Harris. "When we are being deceptive or lying, we become more stressed."

Her stance also indicated fear. "She moved her hands to interlock around her crossed legs at the front of her shin in a log cabin guard. This low log cabin shows she is very fearful. She is still protecting herself. Even though her back is up and she is nodding her head, her lower body is showing she is scared of what Chris will say next," explains body language expert Patti Wood.

The other bachelorettes expressed their mortification at Rozlyn's actions through self-satisfied smirks while they watched her squirm in the hot seat. The camera continually panned to Ashley, who wasn't delighting as much as everyone else. Ashley was pissed!

"We see Ashley lips tightly pressed downward and her angry eyes. Ashley is dying to yell something," Wood explains.

As Harrison repeatedly asked Rozlyn whether anything inappropriate occurred in the house, her brow furrowed, another sign of anxiety and stress.

When Ella started to get judgey about Rozlyn's actions, if you watch closely you can see Rozlyn's top lip start to curl.

"This is a sign of her underlying anger; anger that she is working to suppress, but that is leaking out anyway. These small 'leaks' are all but impossible to conceal, hide or prevent, and give us a sneak peek at what emotion she is really feeling," Harris says.

But she isn't just lying about her relationship with the producer. Rozlyn seems to be lying about everything. At one point, she tells the other ladies that she never said anything bad about them after she left the show. Probably not true.

"She shoulder shrugs when she says she never said anything but nice things about the other women," says Janine Driver, author of 'YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK: A 7-Day Plan For Using the New Body Language to Get What You Want!' "Which means it's deception. A shoulder shrug cancels out the verbal message so we know she has talked negatively about these women in the past."

And what's Chris Harrison trying to hide? When Roz bit back at Chris, claiming he hit on her producer friend's wife in New Zealand, Chris got a little cagey.

"Chris broke eye contact, looked down and appeared to struggle with making direct eye contact with Rozlyn again. Chris can clearly be seen swallowing -- a clear sign of anxiety and nervousness when read in context. My hunch is that there is probably more to the New Zealand story than Harrison would like to discuss," Harris explains.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we appear on reality television.

Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional
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