Body Language Methods to Avoid a Bore or Stop Talking and End a Conversation.

Avoiding a bore. Tips to stopping or ending a conversation.

Yesterday morning I did a BBC radio program on how to avoid a boring co-worker. One of the producers on the show had called the Host of the show and pretended he was having a conversation with him in order to avoid talking to a borring co-worker that was walking towards his desk. That is one technique here are other tips for avoiding or ending a conversation. Excerpts from my book.

There are things you do subconsciously to shut down conversation that you can do consciously to close down a conversation with someone.

You can close the window of your eyes, by closing both your eyes for just a brief moment longer than you do for an ordinary blink.

You can do a head bow and bring your down the head avoiding or breaking eye contact as the person approaches or less dramatically and more quickly if you are already in conversation.

You can turn shut your mouth tightly so help avoid giving facial feedback to the boring co-worker as feedback increases the likelihood they will continue talking.

You can turn your heart away and you can turn your toes away.

Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional
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