Refusing to shake hands in sports

What does refusing a handshake mean?
I got a call yesterday from the UK publication The Independent on Sunday. The reporter shared that one famous soccer player had refused to shake hands with another. The soccer players involved are John Terry and Wayne Bridge.

LONDON, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Wayne Bridge refused to shake the hand of former team mate John Terry during the pre-match greeting between opposing teams before Manchester City’s Premier League match kicked off at Chelsea on Saturday.

Bridge, who has made himself unavailable to be selected for England rather than be in the same squad as Terry, ignored the Chelsea defender as the Manchester City players walked down the line of home players.

The two men have been the centre of newspapers headlines for weeks following allegations that Terry, his former close friend, had an extra-marital affair with Bridge’s former girlfriend.

After shaking hands with the officials, Bridge then came to Terry, glanced and ignored him then continued to shake hands with the rest of the Chelsea side, many of whom are his former team mates.

I discussed with the reporter what that refusal meant.
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