Rozlyn Papa's body language, Bachelor

My rough noes on Rozyn Papa from the Bachelor's body language as she is interviewed about her friendship with the now fired producer. The link to the video is below.
As she comes down the hallway in the back of the studio, she her shoulders are back her head is forward there is a nervous yet expectant smile on her face. Her lavender dress is flowing soft in ruffled tiers away from her body. She has chosen to dress in a very feminine dress not something tight and bold but at the same time short and exposing one shoulder completely and the other partially. She knows she looks good. When she comes into the studio, she faces the hate wall of the bachelorettes most with pressed down lips frowns and other more fierce facial expressions. If you screen grab on the way she sits down you will note how unusual it is. Under Neath her crossed legs she clasps her hands under her thigh. It looks like she is hiding the view of her underwear. Symbolically she is hiding her “femininity. “From attack. As the host says, he bears him, no ill will she bounces in a mock bow/strike to him with her upper body. Still protecting her lower body saying, “I thought we would get into a cage match.”
As she comes back, she moves her hands to interlock around her crossed legs at the front of her shin. in a log cabin guard. This low log cabin shows she is very fearful. She is still protecting her self. Even though her her back is up and she is nodding her head her lower body is showing she e is scared of what he will say next.
When she discusses meeting the producer her gestures and voice and words are in sync, and flow musically together she is telling the truth. As she gestures toward Ashley Omar we see Ashlee's tightly pressed downward turned lips and Angry eyes. Ashely is dying to yell something.

As the host says “so you didn’t have a physical relationship Rozlyn presses her lips together. Her hands have gone back to log cabin position. She is trying hard to not show how she feels or interrupt him as he speaks.
Her voice gets raised tense and angry as she defends herself saying she thought it was about the phone, “You wouldn’t let me talk to my son, …saying we don’t have a camera crew available to capture it.” She is really miffed about this.

The host again comes back to “Did anything physical happen in the house. She says the same thing no absolutely not….he asks again and she says’ ….Nothing.” again begins to lick and bite her lips with anxiety. She draws her crossed legs in closer to her body.

As the other women begin to speak one discusses her little rear end in the air incident where one of the women says Rozlyn” want to be put to bed by the producer”
The way she kept saying, “We are friends” was odd her voices tenses her chin comes up her eyes shut in an eye block her body occasionally tightens up all in a defensive manner. If she is comfortable with the friendship it should have been easy and lyrical as it came out of her mouth. Not desperate and angry.

As they start taking touching thigh, putting to be, sleeping. She sits up straighter. She attacks them she does not say to the other women I didn’t do that, she says why would I do that. She says she thinks they are beautiful. She tried again and again to take the discussion to some other topic, the cameras, the girls. These are all tactics of someone who is guilty. She would have looked incocent if she had come out and said. I am have been accused of this I didn’t do it. I was accused of this I didn’t do it. I was accused of this I didn’t do it.
The host asks her if she is and she says no. Her voice gets strident as she
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