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I found a fun website for girly girls who like to shop. I would this site to women who want to always look young. It is called
They have great makeup recommendations and clothing and jewelry recommendations. I have a post with all my makeup recommendations so you can search here for my tips too. This is a first for this post, but I have been emailing friends these recommendations and decided every women needs to know about these little treasures.

Knee Length Legging, $66
Liz: Just like I don't wear tights I also don't wear ankle-length workout pants. Jane turned me on to this pant and I am a convert. I am all about fit and fabric - These are made from Supplex and Tactel which have amazing stretch, retains shape and color even with continuous washings.
Jane: My friend Jodi, who started Beyond Yoga, sent me these and when I say I haven't taken them off since I got them I mean literally! It's over used but the material is like butter. It holds you in and hides little puckers but doesn't feel like Spanx. Do as I do and wear them to the gym, then pull on your over-the-knee boots and go to the office. No one is the wiser.

Nixon Vega Watch - Women's, $59.95
Liz: Confession: I am a watch snob. But I do love a watch that is not trying to be something it is not. This watch has such a great retro feel. It also doubles as a big bracelet. Guilt free shopping: Nixon donates proceeds to Breast Cancer.
Jane: This watch reminds me of the Gucci Bubble Watch our mother had back in the 1970's where she could switch out the faces in different colors. I kind of want one of these in every color to match my outfit everyday. It is also great for working out but unfortunately not waterproof. Fashion before function!

Physicians Formula Concealer Twins Correct & Cover Cream Concealer, $6.95
Liz: Confession: We all have our issues but skin just isn't mine. That said, I like the light color for under/inner eye brightening. And I always love a two in one item. I use the darker when I am tan and/or I mix them. Go Jane...
Jane: Yes, my sister was blessed with perfect skin while I suffer with fair, thin, aging skin. Robin Cosio, most amazing makeup artist and eyebrow fixer, introduced me to this product. The green is magic for covering red blemishes (confession: I am a picker). The light color is great for lightly evening out anything else. Unlike most concealers, this formula is not crepe-y and leaves no residue. Last selling point - hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Last last selling point - $6.95!!!!

They even have a cupon for Intamacy on the site.


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