Check out "The Bachelor Show" Jake and Vienna's Body Language on Jimmy Kimmel

Check out the Bachelor Show Jake and Vienna's Body Language on Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel. Do you watch in together. legs are crossed toward Kimmel , normal but look at the hand holding the wrist and the closed eyes and pressed lips as he goes to put his arm all the way around her to hide her eyes, She didn’t like having to watch him with other women and she really didn’t like him taking the lime light and trying to control her in that Kimmel interview moment. Though she smiles as he take his hand and arm down she does a pacifying gesture touching her hand to her shoulder to get back to comfort.
Man protecting his woman. His legs are “I am man’ feet placed far apart and and he is up and forward he locks his shoulders in a protective position over Vienna. And he protects himself by holding his hands together .with his fingers interlocked in a log cabin.

I love how she nestles her shoulder into him as she talks about him or their relationship. She goes to comfort for him when Kimmel shows her photos of Jake with his dancing with the stars dance partner.

At 2:26 on the tape as she talks about the woman who yelled Booooo to her out the window look at how her feet show her true lack of comfort with her bad girl rap, The toes and feet curl and twist to touch each other.

The couple goes into similar finger clasping as she asked if she will take her name. She is not comfortable with the long term marriage comments. Her head goes back her voice goes up.

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