Obama's Nativity story, body language read of mothers freind.

Official Obama nativity story continues to unravel. Body language read of his mother's freind as she speaks of seeing him as a baby.

In a video that has been removed from the Internet since the 2008 presidential campaign, Susan Blake, a high school friend of Obama's mother, gave an interview in which she discussed seeing Dunham shortly after Barack Obama Jr.'s Aug. 4, 1961,
here is the link to cut and paste to see the Youtube video of

The story of the diaper she has told many times, she is pulling from me memory, but that could be a created story memory rather than an actual event. Her head movement and eye-blink as she says "briefly" is very spontaneous and in the moment. That lets me know she rarely adds the word briefly. That she wants you to know all she has is the little story.
Her facial expressions and head movements are in sync, but they would be that way for a good story you have told many times as well.
Here is the tell. She did stumble over his name twice, watch that part of the tape. This actually makes me believe she is telling the truth as it appears she is switching back and forth from her memory as Barry the baby and The Barack Obama. As anyone would in real life if they are remembering a story and the name or relationship has changed.


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