Videos of The Bachelor Jake and Vienna's body lanuage in their TV interviews and recent photos.

The bachelor, Jake Pavelka, and his fiancee Vienna, insights on their body language - Are they in love? Recent photos show them kissing for the cameras but I notice that she often hold her head up without the typical head tilt and forward face of a women that has just been proposed to. She may be worried about messing up her hair and makeup, but I would like to see both their faces reach out and press together. Look at their lower torso when they kiss. They stay separated.

What exactly do you see from their behavior? Well I see Jake hold her face in one photo to try to get her closer and I notice his finger in the photos where she is wearing a white coat oddly gripping her with just the tips of his fingers. (the showing the ring shot and the one kiss. That is not a grip of love or passion that is a grip to be holding her for the photo. She is all about that ring in the one photos and on Kimmel. But notice in the photo how she holds the hand forward to the cameras and not toward him to include him in. Many newly engaged women hold their hand the way she is but I love to see the hand towards the guy. I do like how she is leaning in to him in the ring photo. Below are links to videos of more of their appearances that they have made,

1. Jimmy Kimmel: (Part 1) (Part 2)
2. GMA:
3. Ellen Degeneres:
4. Regis & Kelly:
5. Also, they are always making out in public. We have three or four pics of them kissing passionately for the cameras. Contrived kissing or the real deal?

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