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Tiger's Apology Body Language Said It All
53 CommentsBy Jo Piazza Posted Feb 19th 2010 04:56PM

Shame, shame, shame! That was the theme of Tiger Woods' 14-minute press conference/mea culpa on Friday afternoon. While verbally, Woods' expressed how wrong, foolish and selfish he had been, Tiger's body language spoke to the immense shame and humiliation he felt while having to publicly admit his wrongdoing. According to body language experts we spoke with about the Friday fiasco, Tiger was absolutely truthful and repentant. What they said after the jump!

"Shame causes a person to feel inferior to, and 'smaller' than, others -- something Tiger probably hasn't experienced much in recent years. But you can see his unconscious attempt to appear 'smaller' by the very subdued posture, and lack of gesturing," explains body language expert Vincent Harris. "The fact that Tiger was displaying non-verbal signs of shame only tells us he is humiliated by the disapproval of others, but not that he felt guilt about his actions before others knew about his behavior."

As Woods approached the podium alone, the fear in his eyes was obvious.

He was incredibly tense and fearful when he first walked out. Usually, his body lang

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