Body Language Tips Learned At Presentation

Many participants from my 20 minute after lunch presentation yesterday to the Atlanta Women's Network have been emailing me telling me what they have noticed since the program.
Here are some of the learning points people have gotten from the presentation.
Pay attention to your gut impressions and take action on what your read tells you. Handshakes create rapport. Put out your hand at a slight angle and shake hands making palm to palm contact. Seat people in a way to create the result your want and remember that men feel comfortable and at ease speaking positioned side by side. Notice peoples' feet. Use your smile to show your happy and your words to say when your not.

Here is a sample of the feedback.
I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk yesterday. The topic is always interesting, and you brought out some points that I never realized previously. Wow was I lucky to be seated at your table! Thank you for your tip of placing, "tongue-to-roof-of-mouth," for the occasions where I wish to utter, right ... right ... right... ;-) This tip could be a job saver...!

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