High heel shoes and history, attraction

Over the years many magazines have asked me about the nonverbal implications of high heels. I have shared historical reference's. For example high shoes in prerevolutionary France where used to both show status and more practically elevated the upper classes above the filth in the streets. In other cultures the platform shoes worn by women made their step smaller and generally made walking difficult. Some historians said the heels kept women from running away from their husbands or able to sneak out for a quick visit with a man on the side. In any case, the high heels makes it difficult for a woman to walk comfortably and certainly, girls in high heels on a basketball court or running track are merely the stuff of fanciful advertisements rather than reality.
High heels make a woman paradoxically tilt her pelvis forward and stand on her toes as if she is about to run if a woman is about to run from a starting block, but the high heel in back clunks her back to a tiny step. The tilt makes a woman look elongated as well as ready for intimacy. This is attractive to men, and easier for them to catch us!
Here is more info on the history of heels.

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