How to Master Deception Detection.....Begin By Being Observant.

Here is a request from a future participant in an upcoming deception detection presentation. "I would enjoy any background information that you might be willing to share at this point. I am very interested in the topic and want to make sure that this session is as effective and productive as possible for myself.

How wonderful to hear from you before the program. To prepare for the program and to begin to understand and read peoples body language on a deeper level and become a body language master,  may I suggest you begin by paying extra attention to how people respond to simple everyday little questions such as, "How are you?" "How is your day going?" Watch and listen for peoples' very first response, even before they actually get the words out. What are their facial expressions? Do they move toward or away from you? Then, as they begin speaking notice what their face and body does as they answer your questions. Watch what they do in the silence as they finish responding. And here is a strange suggestion, notice peoples' feet. Specifically, notice the way peoples' feet point when they are engaged in a conversation with you and where your feet point.

I just got an email from a body language/first impression coaching client. Goodness, how wonderful it is to have the opportunity to see a coaching client's' hard work make them feel more confident.

Hi, Patti
What an incredible coaching session it was! You are truly absolutely amazing! You are the best coach ever! I could feel the boost in my confidence level immediately after your wonderful instruction and I have already gained much more confidence and felt more comfortable in all kinds of social events already. It is really fantastic to have you as a body language/first impression coach. You have truly enlightened me. I really appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful evening and I really look forward to our next coaching session.

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