TV Appearance on In Session

Were you cool in High School or a nerd?
I was such a nerdette in High School, humm I may still be.

Today I was on Facebook responding to a girlfriend from Junior High and High School. She contacted me after we happened to be interviewed on the same TV show on the same day. The show was IN SESSION and my friend was the prosecuting attorney on the murder case we were discussing. It certainly was interesting to watch the little girl who use to show up at my door in her red pigtails to walk with me to school interviewing a convicted murderer.
I knew she would go far. Now she is the countries leading authority of Munchausen by proxy syndrome. It is so interesting seeing what all my fellow nerdy friends are doing now.

My red pigtailed friend and I went to Winter Park high and to Peachtree Presbyterian Church. With our other friends we formed a group we called the "Pick of the Crop." We had matching T shirts and I wrote our own theme song. Goodness, we had fun.

On a serious note if you are wondering, Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) involves a parent or caregiver misleading others into thinking that a child has medical problems by exaggerating, fabricating, or inducing illness in their children. If you watched the movie "The Sixth Sense" then you saw an example of a mother with the syndrome.

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