Public Speaking and Body Language

Body Language when you're speaking can seem difficult. My most frequently asked question is, "What do I do with my hands when I am giving a speech?" First and foremost, let your hands show. Specifically you want to make sure the palms of your hands show. We are wired to look at the palms of the hands to see if you are armed and dangerous. So make sure your hands are open and so look safe. Because there is a tendency for some people to hide their hands when they lie, you also want to make sure you show the palms of your hands when you are speaking to look honest. A simple trick if you're stressed is to put your right hand in your pocket and hold on to a nickle. It anchors you and magically your left hand will gesture. I have given that trick to my coaching clients and they are amazed how effective it is. For more tips, go to my official website link
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