Sandra Bullocks' Body Language

My read on Sandra Bullocks' body language on People Mag quoted on website

Body language expert weighs in
Is Sandra Bullock traumatized? While many people declared a recent body language expert article to be reaching, there's a lot to be analyzed in Sandra's initial public appearances after her estranged husband's cheating scandal. Do you agree or disagree with the celeb expert?

Sandra was wearing a dark outfit when she ventured outside recently, looking like she was trying to shield herself from the paparazzi.

Body language expert, Patti Wood, spoke with US Weekly magazine, saying that Sandra Bullock's body language while hiking makes her look "traumatized."

"She is gripping the coffee cup very high up," Wood said. "That's what you do when you really want to grab hold of something and show your power. She's really making it obvious and playing toward the camera to show that empty finger."

Good for her if she is trying to give us a glimpse of that empty finger! Patti also took a look at Sandra's clothing choice for the outing and said that she picked protective items.

"She's chosen a heavily padded jacket and has it zipped up very high," Wood said. "The choice of her scarf, which is tied over heart, means that she is hiding her heart window and throat window, which is the communication window." The colors, Woods explains, are "protection choices. Black is a protection color."

"She looks like a child who's been traumatized," Wood said. "Her face takes on attributes of a child who's experiencing a deep pain."

Do you believe this kind of analysis, or is it poppycock? I think there is plenty of truth to body language and color choice studies, and it just gets a little embroidered for these purposes.

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