Teaching College Students To Shake Hands

I just got this feedback from a professor at Purdue. He used the tools he learned in my workshop last week with his students.

Dear Patti,
Thank you very much for all the coaching you provided last week! I enjoyed the program so much. I learned a lot of new things, but I also re-discovered some forgotten attributes of my presentation skills and … of myself . I already applied many of the learned skills to my first lecture yesterday to sophomore students. Boy did they work! I used the hand-shake attention-getter and it fit perfectly with this class. This is the first class students take in electrical engineering, so the analogy to hand-shaking with a new person is obvious. This was also the first time I introduced a class with zero power point slides. Open gestures and taking more space added the right amount of confidence as well.

Research presentations are my next frontier…

Associate Professor
Purdue University

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