Are there signs of an affair in Ashton and Demi's body language?

I just read Ashton and Demi's body language for signs that there is trouble in their relationship.
Star magazine and Life and Style say the rumors are that Ashton had an affair. Today they where photographed at an event. Read the mags online or next week on the stands for my full read. I didn't see cues of tension from her. Demi and Ashton seem to still have a good healthy connection. However, Ashton's usually up buoyant body language was very different. His shoulder sloped downward. His eye brows and eyes normally up and open like a child on Christmas morning were down and more closed than normal. His cheek muscles bagged down. His jaw muscles sagged. These are nonverbal cues showing his fatigue and sadness.
Demi didn't show signs of stress. In the photos she is either leaning in towards him or erect in her posture. There were no signs or her leaning or pulling away from him. Their hand holds don't seem overly tight. Demi is not holding on tight. Her fingers are not pulled back. In one photo her little fingers were pulled out and away, but not stiff. Often their hands are interlaced. Her face doesn't show fatigue, tension, nor any disfavor or animosity towards him.

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