How To Fight Dips In Your Mental Energy

Years ago, while working full time and going to grad school, I developed a Batman utility belt of solutions for the dip in the day. (If you are not familiar with the old Batman hero, he didn't have super powers, instead he had lots of cool stuff to help him fight the bad guys, including a belt filled with fun fighting tools.)

For me the dip comes after I have spent too many hours in front of the computer or just doing the same thing and using the same neural pathways so I like to do something completely different than I am doing to energize my body and mind. I am an avid walker and in the wintertime I put on my walking shoes and go outside for a brisk walk it clears my head and stirs my creative flow. Walking actually syncs up your right and left hemisphere to increase your creativity. I also take an organization break in the afternoon. I put on my phone headset and make a personal call and while I am talking I organize my desk, file papers and receipts and put books back on the book shelves. Since I work out of my house when I am not on the road speaking, another sure fire pick me up is to cook something. I love to chop onions or mince carrots and stir a soup pot it transports and energizes me.

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