Lying and Body Language

Answers to a report... "Questions About Body Language and Lying."
1.Are there different types of body language for different types of lying?
Lying style is based more on the liars personality rather than the type of lie. We tend to think liars always pause or liars don't make eye contact. The newest research indicates that extroverts are more likely to speed up, get louder and more effusive when they lie and introvert pause more, soften their voice more and have less facial expressions and movement. Liars try to put more expression in their voice and face but the facial expression stays on the face too long and the vocal variation seems out of sync with the facial expressions. An honest person feels something then shows it nonverbally then says it with their words. The liar is focusing on the words then has to think about what emotion they should be expressing. So the words come out first then the person expresses. So someone telling you the truth may smile then say, "Sure I love you." a liar may say, "Sure I love you." then smile and the smile and voice and body expressions comes a beat late and can linger a bit so that it feels and looks awkward.

2. What sort of body language occurs in the upper body when someone is lying? (i.e arms, hands)
So many different possibilities depending on personality.
If the person feels guilty and or fears being discovered, they may close what I call the body windows to the person they are lying to. So they may pull back the feet under their chair or point the toes away, they may close the knee window by crossing their legs. They may cover up their heart window by turning slightly away, adjusting their shirt, holding a beverage in front of their chest. They may also lean slightly away with their torso or head as they listen to a question they don’t want to answer honestly or as they prepare their answer or just after they lie. Extroverts with big egos (Think Politicians’s and big sports celebrities like Arid ) may lean forward as they lie. Honest people do that naturally to emphasize a point but liars tend to start the lean to soon and they lean in closer and tend to linger forward a bit too long. They may close their neck window by clasping their neck or playing with a necklace or shirt button, collar or zipper. They may slightly turn their head away. Their mouth window may twist up on one side, they may bite their lip or do a weird liar smile that looks like a upside down clown smile. They may close their eyes (eye widow) a beat or two longer than normal or blink frequently. The voice may get higher as the vocal chords tense.

Also honest people gesture and give facial expressions as they speak, that match and mirror the voice tone, speaking rate and body language of the person they are talking with. If you accuse them of something, they want to keep talking till they are sure you realize they didn’t do it and they can feel you trust them again.

Liars want to change the subject, they may attack you verbally or get mad to distract you from your accusations. If you accuse someone, see how they respond then change the subject. Liars relax when you change the subject!!!

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