Sales Techniques....Way for a Manager to Make a Request and Get Follow Through

A Five Step Process to Get Commitment and Follow Through From Someone or Make a Sale-

When you ask someone to do something, ask him to say what he will do. Make eye contact. Make sure your facing side by side with men and face to face with women.

Make sure you give a specific time frame for completion. Develop a sense of obligation in him. Engage his conscience and have him tell you how the task will go. End with verbal confirmation. For example, “So I will see you next Saturday, right?”

1) Get him to say it. Do you really mean that? Are you serious? Do I have your commitment to follow through on this?

2) Get a specific time frame. "Great." What time will you start?" When will you start?" "Any idea of how long it might take?" “When can you begin?” “What will be your first step?”

3) Develop a sense of obligation – Let him know that because of his help positive things will happen or that if he withdrawals his offer it will cause a disturbance.

4) A sense of conscious. You want to relay that you are now dependent upon him for his help. Let him know how important his help really is. Mention any consequences that you might suffer if he doesn't come through. I will be in hot water.

5) Seeing is believing - Example, A Real Estate agent showing a home says, "Where will the sofa go?”What will you do first, hook up the monitors or go through the booklet?Make sure he sees himself doing what he says.

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