Obama Runs the Show According to Patti

WASHINGTON - President Obama was a cool customer Thursday during a high-stakes powwow with Chinese Premier Hu Jintao in South Korea.

The leaders' 1-hour-and-20-minute summit focused on currency rifts, human rights and the rogue regime in North Korea. More so than the words, however, it was the body language that showed Obama running the showdown with the Red leader.Here's how Patti Wood, author of "Success Signals: Body Language in Business," saw it:Obama: "President Obama is in a very relaxed body position and a less defensive body posture. That's the best indication that this can be a positive communication for the President."I'd say overall he has the upper hand."Hu: "Hu Jintao is defensive. That's the defensive posture with his arms clutched and his legs spread."His arm over the side is protecting himself from Obama."

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