How Can You Learn To Read Your Dog's Body Language? Meaning of Tail Wag.

How to understand what your dog is saying- Get a baseline for what is normal body language for your dog. If your dog is normally laid back and he suddenly goes bonzo crazy you know something is up. The research shows that 74 percent or Pup-peroni pet parents feel their dog’s body language let them know how their pet is feeling.
If you know what a person's normal responses are you can tell when something is wrong. Think about a Mom's trouble radar for her kids. The mom of a Teenager knows there is something up because she knows what her child's normal behavior looks and sounds like. If you want to know how to read your dogs tail notice it when your dog is calm. To know your dog wagging tail means he is anxious, excited or happy get a baseline. To figure out what tail movements show your dog is really happy an excited hold a treat in front of your dog and watch his tail. Tail wags have variations between breeds but for most dogs a happy tail is relaxed not tucked under and moves in a circular motion or wide wag. Most dogs tails go up high and stiff to show dominance and confidence and most tails lower and or curl under in submission.

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