Manicured nails and DISC Personality of celebrities?

I am in a frivolous mood today. I have been thinking about manicures. Personally, I wear my fingernails short and I use a faintly pink clear polish. After many years wearing long lovely silk wrapped nails I no longer like being a slave to my manicure. I like to work in the yard, type, cook and carry my own suitcase. Fragile manicures take a lot of time. When I was in college, I didn't wear make up or high heels but I did my own nails every single day. I do love having pretty nails I just don't want to not do something fun because I have to "save my manicure."
A recent blog discusses what your manicure nails say about you and celebrities personalities.

I think I should start looking at manicures so I can read DISC personality type by a woman's finger nail polish selection.
The buffed casual look that Jennifer Aniston's say, "I'm laid back, but I still care about how I look." Very appropriate for the California girl and longstanding America's sweetheart.
My freind Judith has flawless, short red nails. Short red nails say classic and meticulous to us — Think Jennifer Garner. She's one celebrity who has never made any embarrassing moves and tends towards the simple and understated when it comes to her style cho
Tried & TrueBlack nails have been happening for a while now. And Kim Kardashian is definitely a trend follower, as well as someone who goes with the same look pretty much every time she goes out. She's a creature of habit, but maybe it's time she started playing around with a new shade.

Drama QueenOn the opposite end of the spectrum, you've got Heidi Montag. While Chanel may be classic, wearing the interlocking Cs on your nails is really about grabbing attention. It's a flashy choice, to be sure.>
Fashion FanLonger, pointy nails like Selita Ebanks' are all the rage on high fashion runways at the moment. As a model, it's not surprising that she is right on trend. Wearing this shape definitely tells people you're fashion-forward.

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